Building process excellence:
quality assurance

Quality Partners™ prime objective is to act as a partner for its clients and assist them to build and sustain world class processes.Quality Partners™ has a wide set of professional consultants of those with prior experience of working with local and international organizations on processes establishment and enhancements.cmmi

Quality Partners™ specializes in the areas of ISO, CMMI®, MSF®, RUP®, Six Sigma, Software and System Engineering disciplines.

Our consulting approach is extremely practical, efficient and incorporating the world's leading best practices.

itilOur consulting tactic is to get extremely involved with process teams, assist them to understand process models and engineering areas, guide them to interpret models for different types of projects and process context situations, help them to develop and deploy practical workable process artifacts, review the process artifacts and assist organizations to successfully deploy them.

We strongly believe that in order to provide an outstanding consulting services to our client’s Process Excellence, our consultants must possess expertise, knowledge, urge for continuous learning and excellent communication skills .


Software Testing Consulting


We look at testing as an issue that it is not just about reducing risk – it is also about increasing control.


By aligning the testing objectives with the business objectives and by increasing the effectiveness of testing both can be delivered.


On many projects, testing will take up a significant portion of the budget. But it will receive less management attention than an activity of this size warrants. At Quality Partners™, we help project and Test managers to define what is their ultimate objective of the “Testing”; deliver the testing benefits and maximize the return on the resources used.