Quality Partners™ team are masters to systematically test and monitor your software programs and evaluate how much your defined quality standards are being met. Though software programs all have their own definitions of quality, our team has the experience and skills to determine if the program is meeting its intended purposes in the best way possible, as well as ensuring the software coding is functioning correctly from initial development through launching.

Since developers follow their own logic and use the software in the way they designed it, it's critical to have a different perspective on testing before it goes to market. By this outsourcing process we become your quality team, we test software through the eyes of the user, not the developer, to recreate every possible situation and discover any bugs before the end users do. This way the developers have a fresh look software and have the opportunity to redesign as necessary saving frustration, lost revenue, product support resources, and a potentially damaged reputation down the road.

Quality Partners™ procedures follow a direct and proven methodology to provide best results at any phase of the software program's lifespan:

  • Writing testing plans
  • Submitting bugs to your issue tracking system or support team
  • Creating reports detailing the procedures and the findings
  • Load testing
  • Monkey testing
  • Additional support, if needed, to fix any detected issues related to security, maintainability, reliability, performance and more.

In addition to our solid and well established verification, re-verification, and test plan execution and extension processes, our quality assurance experts use the latest automated testing tools on the market.